About Us

Our Blender 3D Model website features models in the "*.blend" format using a FREE software called Blender.

Originally when we began creating 3D models, we used a free program called trueSpace. It was the best free program available at the time. However, they got bought out by Microsoft and the program was discontinued. It has since vanished away completely.

At the same time trueSpace was disappearing, Blender was in it's infancy at version 1.0. And because of their really complex GUI back then, we were hesitant to use it. But, when the GUI got a drastic make over... we were hooked!!!

Even though this site is a resource for Blender models, we use Blender models in some of our graphic, website and video work through our business TechniPixel Solutions.

Our goal with this website is to just have a location that offers some 3D content that we make available to the public. Hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

-- The TechniPixel Team!

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