Blender 3D Drum Kit

This Drum Kit is completely made by hand. No objects or polygon objects were imported at all. The .blend file is rendered using the Cycles Render Engine and uses the Ambient Occulsion setting. This kit includes only 3 image textures. As a bonus, this kit also includes a set of double-bass pedals that are not seen in the scene (on another layer). The lighting is achieved using an HDRI Environment Image Texture. This kit takes advantage of proper grouping (directory tree structure) and it uses many "empty null" objects to help move (and rotate) individual pieces around the scene.

Drum Kit (Front View)

Drum Kit (Back View) Drum Kit (Mesh View) Drum Kit (Solid View)

Main Features

• Native Chrome & Gold Finish
• 2 Cymbal Image Textures
• 1 HDRI Environment Texture
• Many Empty Null Objects (For Moving/Rotating)
• Transparent Skins (with skin lip)
• 368 Objects
• Cycle Rendered (w/Ambient Occlusion)
• Grouping (Organized Tree Structure)
• Assets Used to Create Drums & Rims (on another layer)
• Blender Version: 2.77a
• 45 MB File Package (6 total files)

The kit includes 2 bass drums w/bass pedals, set of double-bass pedals (on seperate layer), snare (w/sticks), 2 floor toms, 4 rack toms, 5 cymbals, cable hi-hat, chimes, 3 cowbells, 2 timbale drums, and rack stand. It also includes a floor, stage and two sets of curtains. This kit is best used for medium to complex modelling scenes. Most Polygons are MED-Poly and a few made with HIGH-Poly counts for quality. This kit is made with medium detail to allow for many uses. There is no rigging or animation in this kit.

May be used for personal or commercial use. CANNOT BE sold or mass-distributed on any media to be sold or downloaded by itself. Royalty FREE distribution embedded into your project or scene. MORE ABOUT TERMS OF USE...

ONLY $12

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